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Sauerkraut: A Fermented Superfood

Sauerkraut – A Fermented Super Food This post has been a long time in the making. I’ve had requests for a step-by-step demonstration of making sauerkraut; I make sauerkraut on a regular basis, so one of the last times that I made it I took pictures of every step, planning it all out in my head…

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GAPS Introduction Diet: Stage Two

Hooray!  You made it past your first stage of the Introduction Diet! You are likely still in the throes of die-off at this stage, and although moving up a stage feels good, stage two is not much different than stage one (however, the things you get to add in this stage are significant, so still…

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GAPS Introduction Diet: Stage One

Tomorrow is the day! Last week, I talked a lot about how we were preparing physically and mentally for starting the Introduction diet.  (See article: “Gearing Up for GAPS Intro”) So you can probably imagine that today I’m going to talk about how I’m making meat stock in preparation for all the broth we’re going…

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Traveling on the GAPS Diet (Part Two)

The first step when you take any trip (being a GAPS-follower or not) is preparation. When you are on the GAPS Diet, this is even more vital. There is no “winging it” as you get away for a quick weekend. Every detail of the trip should be carefully thought out. The more you plan, the…

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