Business Resources

“It’s not about your resources, it’s about your resourcefulness.”

Tony Robbins

Books to help you grow your business:

Gameplan by Sarah Harnisch (along with the Gameplan workbook)

In this book, Sarah shares her strategy to take you from “starter kit” to Silver with Young Living. Understand network marketing and get practical advice for every aspect of your business, including scripts for classes, training leaders, invitations, and closings, as well as duplicatable systems to help you fill classes without knowing people, share the oils compliantly, follow up with confidence, and build strong leaders. Her workbook provides added information as well as places for you to brainstorm and begin to create your own plan and goals.

Sarah’s website where these books can be found as well as other resources including her CDs of her Essential Oil 101 class:

Propel by Niccole Perez

I personally love this workbook and find it super helpful as it is packed with tips, tricks, checklists, scripts, and immediately-useable information for anyone at any stage of building their Young Living business. The book is broken down into 10 sections which can easily be covered in 10 days. Niccole also has several free printables available for download on her website that compliment the Propel workbook. The booklet “Oil, Share, Repeat” is also a companion product that can be helpful to give new business builders to explain details of sharing oils without being overwhelming with too much information.

These books will inspire you and help you to understand the business side of Young Living better (as well as network marketing in general):

25 to Life by Adam Green

At the age of 25, Adam Green of Canada became the youngest person to ever reach the rank of Royal Crown Diamond with Young Living. He discusses the “prison sentence” many serve when they trade 40+ years of their life at a job they don’t like in the hopes of retiring and being able to enjoy a few “golden years” before dying. His book discusses the possibility of having financial freedom and escaping your 25 to Life.

Road to Royal: Roadmap to Success by Debra Raybern

Debra Raybern, Royal Crown Diamond, shares her secrets to building your business from her years of experience and hard work in which she created a dynamic model for her team to follow and achieve success.

Rock Your Network Marketing Business by Sarah Robbins

In this book, Sarah Robbins shares the system that she used to achieve seven-figure success with her network marketing business. She shares how to promote products, power prospect, present your opportunity/product/service, powerfully “close”, power start your new distributors & duplicate, and more.

GoPro by Eric Worre

Eric Worre is known as one of the experts in the world of network marketing. In this book, he takes his more than 25 years of experience in the profession and boils it down to nuts and bolts of practical wisdom you can learn and apply.

4 Year Career – Young Living Edition by Richard Bliss Brooke

First Steps to Wealth by Dani Johnson

Building an Empire by Brian Carruthers

Facebook Groups:

There are several Facebook groups that you can learn from (actually, probably too many!) While soaking up information, watching videos, and learning from those who have already done what you want to do can be helpful, we also need to be careful not to be spending hours and hours on personal development and forget about the part that actually builds your business: doing the work!

There are a couple of groups that could be useful and have a monthly fee to join. They share motivation, helpful tips, ideas of IPAs (income producing activities) and more. While they may be very helpful, you also need to consider how much time you can invest into a group as well as the financial investment.

There are also groups that are for free and are open to “team YL”:


Here are some great resources where you can find various graphics to use on social media and in your Young Living business:

  • Young Living’s Flickr account – These graphics and photos from Young Living are free for sharing.
  • Free stock photos – These are not oil specific, but you can find general photos of good quality for free on several websites, including . These can be used on social media and in other places (credit may need to be attributed, so check the photo when downloading to be sure)
  • You can also create your own graphics using your photos (or blank stock photos) and such apps as WordSwag (create graphics with writing either over your own photos or using their free stock photos), Phonto (add text to your photos, has many more font options than WordSwag) and PicMonkey (good for adding text but also cropping and general editing). I also really like the app A Color Story for editing any photos that I take (adds fonts, lighting, and special effects) and Lightroom Free.
  • You can also pay for professional photos and images. Some oil specific ones can be found from Lindsay Teague Moreno (Royal Crown Diamond and founder of the LemonDroppers). Her images are great if you are looking for lots of color and brightness. Another option is which has a variety of different styles of graphics to choose from and are very generic but still oil related. They also offer a lot of blank space where text can be added. They currently charge $14/month to access their content.

Training Videos:

Jodie Meschuk: Her Journey to Royal Crown Diamond
Jodie Meschuk visited Rockford, IL in March 2019; this is the video from her class where she discussed her personal journey from new oil user to the highest rank within Young Living 

Vendor Events with Colleen Holder

This was SUCH a wonderful training call whether you plan to do vendor events or not! So much good information about positivity, building relationships, and the importance of follow-up … but if you ARE planning to participate in vendor events, this call is INVALUABLE as it takes you through the process from finding events, set up, displays, DIYs, how to approach people, how to respond to questions, how to follow-up and convert those people just looking for a freebie into people who love and share Young Living themselves!

A huge thank you to Colleen Holder for sharing with us her enthusiasm, kind heart, and all her knowledge of how to create amazing events!!!

Our Young Living Upline

This is a breakdown of who is our leadership support a.k.a. “upline” with Young Living. Many of us are available to support you and guide you as you use essential oils. (Young Living ranks may have changed from the time when this was initially posted)

Also please remember that if you are a member of our team, you will also have additional persons in your “upline” between me and you … which means additional support, education, and guidance! Please always feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or need support in any way.

  • Alicia Dragic (me) #1909326 (Platinum); My private group on Facebook is “Essentially Sweet Thyme”; my website is: I can be reached by email: and text at (779) 208-1835. I can be found on Facebook (Alicia Dragic) and Instagram (@the_holistic_homestead_)
  • Nancy Meschuk #1497377 (Gold) Her business name is “Let’s Face It!”
  • Jodie Meschuk (Jodie M Meschuk Consulting LLC) #1403175 (Royal Crown Diamond) Her private group on Facebook is “The.Oil.Vibe Member Education Page”
  • Casey Anderson #1392348
  • Janina Bitz-Vasquez #1110545
  • Crystal Parrott #958298
  • Carol & Ben Howden #? (Royal Crown Diamond) They moderate the private oil group YL Oilers 2.0 and are located in Canada.
  • Greg & Amanda Howden #297603 (Platinum) *** They are also located in Canada
  • Pamela Church #317990 (Executive)
  • Alberta Ltd. #294670 (Gold)
  • Suzana Brown #177132 (Silver)
  • Roseanne Hall #70378 (Executive)
  • Vivki-Lynne Jost #60558 (Silver)
  • Janet Zerr #55577 (Platinum)
  • Fred Zerr (JFZ Enterprises Inc) #53482 (Platinum)
  • Alan Zerr (Biz Enterprises Int’l) #53467 (Gold)
  • Double Edge Systems #50179 (Gold)
  • Mike Amato (New Life Marketing Inc.) #27109 (Platinum)
  • Doug Mills (D&B Business Group) #849217 (Platinum)
  • Cherry Lewis (Life Essentials) #22321
  • Maurice & Nansee Gahagan #22064 (Gold)
  • Gregg & Carol Johnson (Healthier Thymes) #16170 (Royal Crown Diamond) ** They can be followed on Facebook and Instagram at “Healthier Thymes”
  • Jatset #15001 (Platinum)
  • Sunteam #810178 (Platinum)
  • Settsu Derma Shine LTD #14434 (Platinum)
  • Jeanmarie Hepworth (Zia Management Consultants) #1040 (Crown Diamond)
  • Marcella Vonn Harting #9248 (Royal Crown Diamond)