Iridology Consults


Basic Iridology Assessment

A basic report will include a detailed description of your unique iris, including any suggestions I feel could be helpful to support your overall health and wellness, whether these are food choices, lifestyle choices, herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, etc. This report is generally around 8-10 pages long and will include details of both physical and emotional tendencies seen in the eyes. Price: $99

Essential Oil Iridology Assessment

This is the same as a basic report, except all of my recommendations will be essential oils and supplements offered by Young Living. Price: $99

To Schedule an Iris Assessment:

All iris assessments will be done virtually. To complete your request for an iris assessment, I will need the following information from you:

  • Intake Form – This form helps me to better understand how I can help you when it comes to your health and wellness goals. While I will give you a full report when it comes the assessment of your irises, the intake form can help me to tailor my recommendations to ones that best fit you. This form also gives your consent for the assessment:

  • I will also need clear pictures of each iris (left and right) as well as pictures of the white parts of your eyes. Here are examples of what these pictures can look like:
Right Iris
Left Iris (the bottom part of the iris is covered up by the eyelid; if possible, try to get as much of the iris as you can)

Here is a short video describing how to take clear iris pictures:

So, this is what you need to have:
  • Completed Intake Form
  • A total of ten pictures (five of each eye): one clear iris picture, and four pictures of the sclera (the white part of the eyes) ** Note: an iris assessment can be done JUST with the iris and not the white part of the eyes, so feel free to just send in one clear picture of each iris if that’s all that you’re able to do (this can be especially tricky with kids, so I’ll work with what you have!)
  • Please state which report you would prefer: the basic assessment or an essential oil iridology report.

Then, click on this link to schedule a time for me to review the pictures you’ve sent me. When you select a date on the calendar for your assessment to begin, I will need your intake form and photos by that date. Once I receive all of the above information from you, I will email you a confirmation and an invoice, and your completed iris assessment and report will be emailed to you within two weeks.

What people are saying

“My mind is literally blown!! Crazy you can tell all that from my eyeballs!” – N.

“This report was spot on and helped to confirm a lot of things for me.” – A.

“It was a very accurate description of the things that I was feeling myself, and I was surprised that you could see that in my eyes!” – S.

“It helped to explain things that before I hadn’t understood about my health, but that made perfect sense once you pointed them out” – A.