The Compensation Plan

… also known as “how you get paid” 😉

Young Living’s compensation plan is designed to help you not just make one sale but to build a foundation that will create an income that will last and can even be passed on to your children. Residual income allows you to receive a paycheck even during those times when you may be unable to work.

Young Living’s Compensation Plan (a.k.a. the way that you get paid) is one of the best in the network marketing world (honestly, it’s incredible!) However, understanding how it all works can take a bit of time and patience. One of the best ways that I recommend learning it is:

  1. Reading about it/watching videos about it from multiple sources. The more times you hear it explained, the better the chances that you will remember it and fully understand it.
  2. Be patient with yourself. You WILL get it!
  3. ASK QUESTIONS if there’s something you don’t understand. That is what you oil mentor/sponsor/enroller and your upline Silver+ and Diamond are for!

Let’s cover some of the basics, and then I will include several resources and videos that can help you understand each aspect in greater detail.


Generally, the first way that we begin sharing essential oils is with our family and friends. We purchased a starter kit from Young Living, the oils “worked”, and now we’re excited!! As we share our success stories, inevitably someone is going to ask, “How can I get some?”

I discuss how to help someone get started with Young Living in another section of this website (see “Where to Begin”), so we are just going to discuss the compensation part of signing someone up here:

When we choose to become a “brand partner” and a friend enrolls with Young Living and they use our member number as their sponsor and enroller, Young Living sends us a thank you check! It’s as simple as that. The size of that check depends on how your friend chooses to enroll. There are a couple different scenarios here:

  1. “Customer” – They choose to enroll as a customer (meaning, they just purchase products and do not become a brand partner). When they sign up as a customer and they use your member number as their enroller, you will receive 25% of whatever they purchase as commission for the first three months that they are a customer (so for example, if they create an account in September, you would receive 25% of whatever they order for the months of September, October, and November). After that, the amount of commission that you receive on their orders becomes part of your unilevel commission.
  2.  “Brand Partner” – A brand partner is someone who enrolls and also purchases a “Business Essentials Kit”, letting Young Living know that they wish to share oils with others and earn income. When someone becomes a brand partner right away, you will immediately start to earn unilevel commission instead of the commission you would receive from a customer’s orders (“Unilevel commission” looks like this: you earn 8% from orders on your first level, 5% on levels 2, 3, and 4, and 4% on level 5. Anyone from your level 6 down does not earn you commission).

** To receive a check, you also will need to place an order in the month that you wish to receive commission. If you are the rank of Associate, Star, Senior Star, and Executive, you may not need to place an order if you have customers on your team with orders totaling at least 100PV. If you are the rank of Silver and above, you would need to place an order of at least 100PV in the month that you wish to receive commission on orders that are placed by customers on your team.

So that’s the very basics and beginnings of how you earn commission. Before we go any further, let’s stop and I’ll share the Young Living Income Disclosure (we’re required to share this any time we’re talking about an opportunity for income with Young Living). This is the potential for earnings that you can have with this company.

Young Living Income Disclosure

Compensation Plan Videos

Here is a great 28 minute compensation plan (comp plan) explanation. It’s a simple way to understand the business model and income potential. I highly encourage you to take a moment and watch this!

Simple Overview of the Compensation Plan in Less than 10 Minutes:

More detail of the Compensation Plan explained:

Bridge to Gold Program explained: Introducing Bridge to Gold (with reset opportunity) – Webinar by YL Platinum Leader, Andrew Wild – YouTube

How to Grow from Star to Royal Crown Diamond:

This is a video from Young Living that discusses the three phases of growing a business:

  1. Creating a foundation (Distributor (now called Associate), Star, Senior Star, Executive)
  2. Building your business (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  3. Developing leaders (Diamond, Crown Diamond, Royal Crown Diamond)

Do NOT start with this video unless you have watched the previous videos explaining how the compensation plan works, as it can be information overload to cover ALL the ranks without a previous foundation present:

Strategic Placement

a.k.a. “Where to place new members in your organization’s structure”. This is a more advanced topic that you need to start considering once you have enrolled 6-10 people in your team … I would highly recommend reaching out to your oil mentor and/or upline Silver+ or Diamond to help you look at your own organization and work on the best way to structure your team for growth.

To learn more about strategic placement, you can watch this 25 minute video by Diamond Alana Bookhaut:

Understanding the “Generations” and “Generation Bonuses” (six minute video with Jake Dempsey)

Tools and Resources to Help You Understand and Best Utilize the Compensation Plan: